Dentists on Birkenhead is a modern, friendly and inviting patient orientated practice.

Our caring team are focused on providing patients with a relaxed and comfortable environment, which offers the highest quality care in all dental experiences.

We place a very strong emphasis on prevention. We work with our patients on a strategic preventative dental program based on best-practice oral hygiene and regular scheduled check-ups, to maximize your long-term dental health and minimize spontaneous dental emergencies. Whether it is a general consultation, or a more extensive treatment required (for example wisdom tooth extraction or placement of a crown) you will be consulted on what the procedures involve and cost, before any dental treatment is performed.

At Dentists on Birkenhead, we understand patients may experience anxiety and stress related to dental treatments, whether this was due to past bad experiences or fear of dental procedures. Our team are sympathetic and are knowledgeable in meeting expectations with such concerns in mind, to accomplish comfortable and successful results to their treatments.


Dr. Goran Radevski  DDS, NZDRex (Otago), NZDA Member, ADA Member

Practicing Monday – Thursday

Goran is a dental practitioner who provides general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.image1

“I love my work and I have an incredible enthusiasm for dentistry. It allows me to work closely with individuals to enhance their health, appearance and their lives. It is extremely rewarding and exciting.

I believe life is better with a great smile and healthy teeth. I also believe in treating patients like I would treat my own relatives and perform dentistry on them the way that I would want it performed on myself.

 My patients deserve the best.”

Dr Goran Radevski gained his dental degree from the University of Dentistry Skopye – Macedonia and has been in dentistry since 2005. He opened his own practice in Birkenhead February 2015 following six years of dental involvement in Auckland. He values where he lives and works and many of his patients have been with him from the beginning, referring their own friends and family members who are now also regular patients.

  • Focused on proceeding with training in order to give the highest level of excellence to his patients.
  • Known for giving painless injections
  • Careful with an expert eye for subtle elements
  • No case is too expansive or too little
  • Willing to take the time to clarify all procedures
  • Exceeds expectations with best in class hardware advanced x-rays and zoom brightening
  • Exceptionally experienced in Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Makeovers
  • Member of the New Zealand Dental Association
  • Member of Auckland Dental Association

“I am exceptionally enthusiastic about the smiles we create and very excited about the difference a new smile has on people’s lives. This is the reason I became a dentist and why after 10 years I still appreciate coming to work. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. I also enjoy travelling, playing basketball and tennis.”


Dr. Shadi Garshasbi  DDM, NZDRex (Otago), NZDA Member, ADA Member

Practicing Tuesday – Wednesday

I am Shadi Garshasbi, I am an NZDA member who has been practicing dentistry for almost 16 years. I thoroughly enjoy my job, my passion for dentistry has always been present in my life from a very young age.

I lived in the city center but working with the team at Dentists on Birkenhead made me feel how great it is to work with like-minded individuals. We loved the North shore so much we have decided to move here for good.

As a Dentist I always strive to do my best in all that I do and to make sure I provide it with both comfort and care. My main mission as a Dentist is to help individuals overcome their anxiety and fears of dentistry so they may return relaxed and calm to their future appointments. There is nothing within dentistry that takes precedence for me, I enjoy general dentistry as a whole and I put great emphasis on oral hygiene.

  “I truly believe that a healthy mouth and healthy body go hand in hand”

Please feel free to email if you would like to know any further information or you can call (09)419-0556 to arrange to visit us soon for a consultation or examination. We’re always here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about your dental health.